Collation of AFJP farmers' bank details is free - Fmardpace


Fmardpace AFJP news - The management of the Agriculture for food and job plan Fmardpace has stated that Collation of farmers' bank details is free. That all Enumerators, AFJP Farmers, and the general public should note that they are not required to pay money for any of the processes as it is completely FREE! You may want to also read Submission Of Unbanked AFJP Farmers Account Number Still Ongoing - Fmardpace

This came as a result of the ongoing process by the Federal Government to disburse fertilizer subsidy Grant to the AFJP farmers which at the moment is generating a lot of comments due to delay in disbursement.

The management is trying to protect the prospective beneficiaries of the scheme from scammers who may want to take advantage of them. If you are an AFJP Farmers that need assistance on issues regarding FG Fertilizer subsidy Grant or how to register for the AFJP Programme, you can check Fmardpace AFJP Farmers And Enumerators Call Centre Numbers

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