Today's Npower Batch C Stream 1 Deployment Update

Npower news - Npower batch C deployment update - Following the information circulating that the Npower management has begun the deployment of prospective batch c volunteers as seen in the screenshot of an applicant Nasims portal dashboard deployment status which you can see in the image below circulating online. Read here What Npower Nasims Portal Dashboard Means


We have decided to create this post to encourage all prospective Npower batch C stream 1 volunteers to try and check their Nasims portal dashboard to verify/confirm the news as that is the only way to be sure of what is written on their deployment status and to know if true they have been deployed.

How to check your Nasims Npower batch C deployment Status:

1. Visit www.nasims.gov.ng

2. Login with your Nasims portal email and password

Upon successful login, click the deployment link on your dashboard to view whether you have been deployed or not.

As usual, if an applicant has been deployed, he/she will see the congratulations message.

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