2 Ways Disengagement Affects Npower Volunteers And Their Communities


Today in Npower news, we will discuss two ways disengagement affects Npower volunteers and their immediate communities, so read on.

Npower disengagement is simply the process whereby volunteers reached the minimum term he/she needs to participate in the Npower Programme and then get exited according to the terms and conditions stipulated for the Programme Duration. This may also interest you Npower News - August And Nexit Package Kickoff Rumors

The Npower Programme is undoubtedly a scheme that impacts beneficiaries of the Programme for the duration they get to serve in the Programme.

However, there is some disadvantage the Programme has on beneficiaries and their immediate communities when they are disengaged. These disadvantages are as followed:

2 Ways Disengagement Affects Npower Volunteers And Their Communities

1. Stopping stipends payment of Npower volunteers leads to a decrease in productivity. The little stipend they receive impact both the volunteers and their immediate community economically but when the stipend stopped without a proper exit package, they become a burden to their community.

2. For an NPower volunteer or a productive Nigerian Youth, getting engaged to work is an important feature in building personal and social identity, family and social bonds, work experience, ways of making money, and thereby accessing some essential and non-essential goods, services and activities, daily routines, level of activity, physical and mental well being, self-confidence, etc. All the mentioned things above have been affected negatively since the Npower batch A and B were disengaged without an exit package. You may want to also read Today's Npower Batch C Stream 1 Deployment Update

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