Why Npower Batch C Must Support Batches AB To Actualize Nexit Scheme


In today's latest Npower news - We will be talking about the reason Why Npower Batch C Must Support Batches A and B To Actualize Nexit Scheme. So read on!

The Nexit Scheme is a Federal Government Empowerment option created for the exited Npower volunteers to help them access other opportunities such as loans to grow a business or start a business so that they can become self-reliant after the Npower Programme. Read also Why You Should Start A Business Before Nexit Loan Disbursement

It is no longer news that about 1,000,000 Nigeria youths have been onboarded as Npower batch C Volunteers to serve and receive N30,000 and N10,000 monthly stipends respectively for 1 year. A situation that the previous batch A and B went through before they were disengaged.

While the disengaged Npower batch A and B Volunteers are struggling to get the Federal Government to fulfil their Nexit Scheme exit package promised, the new batch C Volunteers are being enrolled to serve.

The question the newly enrolled batch c volunteers should be asking is what will become of us after the one year of the Npower Programme? Are we going to be thrown back to the street like batch A and B to start from square zero? All these questions are what the batch C Volunteers should be asking themselves while the Programme last. And they should also support batch A and B to actualize their Nexit Scheme exit package as that will also be beneficial to them after their time elapsed. Read also Sadiya Farouq Latest Update On Npower And Other NSIP Programmes

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  1. After selecting another programme they're still am yet deployed

  2. I'm really appreciate the honourable minister for gives all the exited nPower beneficiary proper consideration to build their feature especially the inclusive batch in nexit programme I'm really appreciate once again


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