How To Get Digital Home Address For Shopping Delivery In Nigeria

How To Get Digital Home Address For Shopping Delivery In Nigeria


Are you thinking to get or generating a digital-physical home address this season for your holiday shopping from an e-commerce website? If yes then think of Address Verification System AVS by NIPOST

The need for a functional home address system has become a critical issue in today's rapidly developing cities, particularly in Africa, where most cities lack a complete and standardized smart addressing system.

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In our society today, you will attest to the fact that most people who love shopping online often find it difficult to get delivery to their doorstep due to their home location.

Lack of a proper home address can hinder mail delivery from e-commerce companies, banks, emergency services, and others. Sometimes customers are frequently called by a delivery service agent in order to locate their homes.

With Address Verification System by NIPOST, you can get a digital Home Address For Shopping Delivery or business purposes In Nigeria.

Address Verification System by NIPOST is a technology initiative of the Nigerian Postal Services to bridge the physical addressing gap in Nigeria to help facilitate financial inclusion, e-commerce, and the growing digital economy in Nigeria. The initiative is designed to improve national mail delivery in the efficiency of our emergency services and national security.

The Address Verification system by the NIPOST platform extends the functionality of existing mapping platforms to enable every Nigerian or Resident to generate a digital address from anywhere in Nigeria for FREE.

How To Get Digital Home Address For Shopping Delivery In Nigeria

1. The first step is to contact NIPOST through https://verify.nipost.gov.ng to register as an on-field verification or Business partner, an account will be provisioned for you which will be used to login to https://avs.nipost.gov.ng

2. Then you can upload the data you intend to verify or use the (Application Programming Interface) to integrate into your system.

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You can download the NIPOST AVS Android and iOS versions of the app. However, you will not be able to login into your account except a provision is made for you by NIPOST or their Field Agent partners.

This will help you generate a digital-physical address

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