Npower Stipend - Hope Of Receiving October Payment

Npower Stipend - Hope Of Receiving October Payment


As the day goes by so also the question about October Npower Stipend Payment Keeps popping up. It is on the record that the batch C Npower Programme commenced in August 2021, as such the beneficiaries are a little confused as to when they will begin to receive their monthly allowance.

So we decided to create this post to keep you informed about stipend payment. You may want to check Npower Batch C First Stipend Payment Update

The thing is that beneficiaries need not be confused because Npower in one of its responses to stipend payment stated that payment of a Npower Volunteer begins the month he or she resumed work at his or her place of primary assignment PPA.

And as it is at the moment, the Npower batch C stream 1 resumed work on the first of October 2021 so there is a 100% chance that beneficiaries will receive October payment. But what we are not sure of is whether they will be paid the August and September stipends since the batch C program was flagged off in the month of August 2021.

However, the first stipend payment of batch c Npower Freshers falls in festive months, and such, beneficiaries are advised to make a plan for wise spending in order to be able to save out of their stipends for a rainy day.

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