Today's Latest NJFP Next Stage, Shortlisting Update

Today's Latest NJFP Next Stage, Shortlisting Update


In Today's Latest Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Update - Following the questions that some of the applicants who applied for the NJFP have been asking about the NJFP Next Stage, Shortlisting, we have decided to create this post to keep you informed. So read on.

As you all know, the federal government in its efforts to help the youth find jobs, resulted in creating the NJFP programme. The programme seeks to connect talented graduates with local job opportunities that apply their expertise while equipping them with world-class practical knowledge and relevant skills. It does not matter if you have no job experience!

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Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) is a youth empowerment partnership initiative between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

NJFP Questions And Answers Section

1. Is the NJFP application still going on?
Answer: Yes! The portal application link is still functioning, though the application closing date is set for 20th October 2021

2. When will the Name of NJFP Shortlisted candidates be released?
Answer: Very soon! The application cycle (from submission to selection process including matching to host organizations) is expected to last 12 weeks. In case of any changes, communication to this effect will be made.

3. Will NJFP applicants Write an Exam before Shortlisting for the next stage?
Answer: Yes! An independent talent management company will review all of the submissions and produce a long list that will proceed to the next stage. Long-listed candidates will undergo a series of aptitude tests and assessments before final selection.

4. Is NJFP a permanent job
Answer: No! It is a 12 months paid internships program

5. How much will NJFP beneficiaries receive as a monthly allowance?
Answer: All Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of 100,000 paid by the Jubilee Fellows Programme subject to achieving planned results for each month.

6. What happens after the 12 months placement period?
Answer: The Jubilee Fellows Programme offers three pathways at the end of their active engagement in the Programme:

a. High-performing Jubilee Fellows may go on to be retained by their respective host organizations.

b. Fellows with an interest in entrepreneurship will have garnered skills and knowledge on the job which will be invaluable as they pursue other opportunities.

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c. With newly acquired on-the-job skills & competencies, experience, exposure, and a formidable alumni network that can be leveraged, fellows are better positioned and equipped to compete and access future jobs and employment opportunities. In addition, all Fellows will automatically be enrolled in the Jubilee Fellows Alumni Network, providing a platform for peer-to-peer connections and job opportunities, upon completion of the programme.

Note: Given the expected high volume of applicants, the programme will only communicate to successful candidates.

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