Buy Things You Need, Not Because They Are Cheap - See Why

Why Buy Things You Need, Not Because They Are Cheap


According to Reno, you should stop buying things because the price has reduced. Buy only things you need, not things that are cheap! You don't save on Black Friday. You spend!

Reno said they lure you by saying buy and save 50%. But if you buy the product, you have not saved 50%. You have spent 50%. It is a marketing gimmick.

He further explain with an example! Look at it this way. If you have $100, and you suddenly see a pair of shoes that you don’t need, and which was once $100, but has been reduced to $50, with a sign saying ‘buy now and save 50%’, and you buy the shoes, you have not saved $50. You have actually spent $50.

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So as you prepare for this year holiday season shopping, shop for the things you need and not because the price had reduced. Happy holiday 2021!

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