Call For Application - CBN 100 For 100 N5bn PPP Loan

Call For Application - CBN 100 For 100 N5bn PPP Loan


Call For Application - CBN 100 For 100 N5bn PPP Loan - In furtherance of its core mandates of delivering price and financial system stability, and promoting sustainable economic development, the 100 for 100 Policy on Production and Productivity (PPP) is introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to stimulate investments in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector with the core objective of boosting production and productivity, necessary to transform and catalyse the productive base of the economy.

What is CBN 100 and 100 N5bn PPP Loan

This initiative is designed to create the flow of finance and investments to enterprises with potential to kickstart a sustainable economic growth trajectory, accelerate structural transformation, promote diversification, and improve productivity. It is a support to private sector companies with the aim of reducing certain imports, increasing non-oil exports and to improve the FX-generating capacity of the economy.

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Objectives Of The Initiative

The broad objective of the initiative is to reverse the nation’s over-reliance on imports, by creating an ecosystem that targets and supports projects with potential to transform and catalyze the productive base of the economy. The specific objectives include:

i. catalyse import substitution of targeted commodities

ii. increase local production and productivity; iii. increase non-oil exports, and

iv. improve foreign exchange earning capacity of the economy

Loan Type

a. Long-term loan for acquisition of plant and machinery and

b. Working Capital Loan Limit

Loan Amount

Loan amount shall be a maximum of N5 billion per obligor. Any amount above N5 billion shall require the special approval of Management.

Activities Covered

Focal activities shall be existing businesses and projects (brownfield) with potential to transform and jumpstart the productive base of the economy such as:

i. Manufacturing

ii. Agriculture and agro-processing

iii, Extractive Industries

iv. Petro-Chemicals and Renewable Energy

v. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

vi. Logistics Services and Trade-Related Infrastructure

vii. Any other activities as may be prescribed

How to apply
Interested Applicants should visit https://100for100ppp.ng/submit-application to submit their application.

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