Buy Your Npower T-shirt On Npower Discussion Group Shop

Buy Your Npower T-shirt On Npower Discussion Group Shop

Do you need Npower T-shirt? You can now Order For Your Npower T-shirt From Npower discussion group Shop specially designed by a T-shirt maker

This T-shirt is delivered by the designer based on request. Npower beneficiaries on Npower discussion group can Placed their order now!


Why you need the Npower T-shirts

1. It makes you standout when you wear it to your PPA

2. You will need it for rally or protest when the need arises.

3. You will need it for volunteers meetings

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Note: This is not the Free Npower T-shirts! this one is created by a T-shirt maker for sale. If you are interested contact the designer via the WhatsApp link below.

Normally, if a Npower volunteer is enrolled for the Npower Programme, he or she is supposed to get a free Npower T-shirt but the revised is the case. They never get any!

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