What Can Npower Stipend Buy


In today's latest Npower news - we will be asking you the question "What can Npower Stipend Buy In The Market and why you need to think beyond Npower stipend as a Npower Volunteer. So read on!

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Most often, some of the beneficiaries of the Npower Programme focus more on the stipends rather than the experience and skills the intent to gain from the program. Well don't get me wrong! Every Npower beneficiary deserved to be motivated to be productive and that is what Npower stipend is meant for.

However, If you as a Npower Volunteer utilize the opportunity given to you and focus more on building yourself by learning on the job, you will buy more things in the market with the skills and experience you acquired from the Npower Programme than the little stipend you usually get at the end of the month!

What can Npower Graduate 30k Stipends and non-graduate 10k stipends buy you from the market? By the time you buy 1 cloth, soap, and your body cream, you will be left with little to cater for the month.

Some of the Npower batch A and B who were able to leverage on the skills and experience gathered during Npower are now doing great things to impact their community, I am one of them

What we are saying in this article in essence is that don't just pass through the Npower Programme, let Npower Programme pass through you. Use your stipend to develop yourself by learning new things that can make you earn more money as side hustle.

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