Nasims Gives Directives On Changed Of Npower Beneficiary To Applicant

Nasims Gives Update On Changed Of Npower Beneficiary To Applicant


According to Nasims, Physical verification exercise is one of the crucial process that all applicants are expected to undergo which validates the eligibility of such APPLICANT to BENEFICIARY.

Based on the issue of sudden change from BENEFICIARY to APPLICANT, the affected Beneficiaries are categorized into three (3):

1) Beneficiaries who didn't undergo the COMPULSORY physical verification exercise, hence they were changed back to APPLICANT on discovery.

2) Beneficiaries who did the physical verification exercise, BUT WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL, hence they were changed back to APPLICANT.

3) Beneficiaries who SUCCESSFULLY underwent the COMPULSORY physical verification exercise, BUT WAS CHANGED BACKED TO APPLICANT DUE TO TECHNICAL ERROR (we take responsibility for this issue)

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1) For category 3, Our team is working on it, as this will not stop you from getting paid.

2) For category 1 and 2, Should there be any provisional supplementary verification for all concern under this category, It shall be communicated across.

Please stay tuned for further update on this. Thank you!

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  1. Please i can't do my physical verification till today..so please has the exercised been closed or how can i do it, Am from Mkpat Enin LGA

  2. Please am under category 3, when will I be paid, is it after rectifying the system or as they are paying those that don't have issue

  3. Please my dashboard is showing pending it was on processing before I don't know what is going on I've not been paid

  4. Am in category 3. When will the problem be rectified because alot of beneficiaries have received their money and awaiting october stipend but i have not seen anything yet even when they say it will not affect us.


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