Npower News Today Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Npower News Today Tuesday 23rd November 2021


In today's latest Npower news - All Payment Issues Regarding Failed Payment And No Payment Data Available has been Changed To Pending, according to Nasims.

Recall in our yesterday Npower news, we stated clearly that Nasims said once the resolution is effected, it will not reflect instantaneously, it will take some days. We are glad to announce that all payment issues resolved few days ago has reflected on your NASIMS profile page (PENDING) which is the first payment process.

All affected Beneficiaries are by this update advised to login to their Nasims profile page for confirmation. If yours is yet to be resolved and reflected, be patient as all payment issues will be resolved and payment made.

Nasims teams are working round the clock to get all these challenges sorted out, while we're committed in keeping you updated.

Kindly Note the following:

1) Collation Of Account Details and Resolution is Still Ongoing.

2) Issue Regarding October Stipend And Commencement Of Batch C Stream will be address separately in due time. So Kindly stay tuned, Nasims shall give update on the above subject matter when it's appropriate.

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3) Still On Resolution Of Payment Issue. Kindly note, PENDING as seen in your payment status on your NASIMS profile page is the first payment process prior to PROCESSING. Stay tuned, while Nasims keep updating.

4) Issue Of Wrong Bank Account Details Provided: If you're affected or under the above category of Beneficiaries, kindly call Nasims support lines 092203102, 018888340, to lodge in your compliant and provide them with the correct bank account details.

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