Possible Reasons For Failed Npower Payment Status

Possible Reasons For Failed Npower Payment Status


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing the Possible Reasons why some of you are seeing Failed on your Npower Payment Status so read on.

While Nasims prepare to share a post by tomorrow regarding the ‘FAILED’ payment status recently encountered by some beneficiaries after they have ascertained the possible cause and way out, we will highlight what might have transpired.

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It is no longer news that Npower has begun paying Npower beneficiaries. However, as the payment continued, some beneficiaries were told that the reason why they are yet to be paid is because they are yet to validate their account on Nasims portal and are instructed to validate their account by editing their profile to add BVN record or call the nasims support line via the numbers below.

Though Npower has sent payment to Beneficiaries bank for disbursement and some beneficiaries payroll status has been on processing mode for the past 1 week. These categories of beneficiaries whose account is not validated might get failed payment status which simply means your bank tried to pay you but the payment failed because of one issue or the other which Nasims will be addressing tomorrow.

If you fall under the categories of those with failed payment status, kindly remain calm. Nasims team will be sharing a post on the cause and possible solution.

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Meanwhile, you can contact Nasims agents for your validation, via these numbers: 092203102, 018888340, and willingly release the information as requested if your account details are not correct. If however, our helplines are irresponsive when you call, please keep calling or try back at intervals and DO NOT SEND EMAIL.

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  1. Good sir, i am Innocent Ejale Okoh. I have issue of no payment data available and i have gone to retified that in my bank account please check my dashboard and help me. Thanks for your concern.

  2. Good afternoon sir my name is Joseph Akaninyene Akpan, am having no data payment available on my dashboard and my account details shows on my overview page,help am exhausted paying transport.

  3. Good morning sir/ma. My name is Salaudeen Kabeer Omotosho. My February stipend has been in processing before but when the disbursement of the payments begin my payroll in my dashboard under February payment has. Changed to failed. Transaction not successful.. Pls help me rectified the problem because have been paying frequently.

  4. Good atrrnoon. My January payroll changed from.processing to failed and the reason stated there was system error. Kindly help

  5. Like i haven't recieve my march and April allowance and everyone beside me have been recieving yours some is in pending, processing but mine is not, only the one they have paid for the september showing on my payroll, what causes it.

  6. Good afternoon sir/ ma my name is Timipre Peter from Bayelsa. Mine is showing transfer not successful. Please check my account and kindly help.


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