Poverty Spirit Symptom And How To Overcome Them

Poverty Spirit Symptom And How To Overcome Them


Today on the Npower discussion group blog update, we will be talking about the Poverty Spirit Symptom And How To Overcome Them. So read on!

Poverty is a very popular word and as such has become an issue that is always been discussed by many. Poverty does not only affect the uneducated, it also affects the well-educated people who lack the skills and abilities to dictate and act on the opportunity that can make them self-sufficient.

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What is poverty?

Poverty can be defined in many ways, in our own case, poverty can simply be seen as the state of one who lacks the basic social amenities like, food, shelter, clothes, or money to access the basic things in life.

Sometimes, people blame their village people for their inability to afford basic things of life, not knowing that it is the spirit of poverty in them that is weighing them down.

What is the spirit of poverty?

Spirit of Poverty can be seen and defined from the point of the explainer on how he or she perceived poverty spirit. In our own view, the spirit of poverty can be seen as the sleeping inner derive, character, emotion, the non-physical part of a person which is hindering him from doing things that will take him out of poverty.

How to know if you have a spirit poverty

If you have these symptoms, then you might be infected with poverty spirit:

1) When you lack ideas or the zeal to try your hands on things that could make you money

2) When you are jealous of your neighbor's growth and achievement

3) When you are provided with genuine opportunity information that you can access to change your level and you tag it as a scam

4) When you don't take responsibility for your actions, you rather blame other people for your mistakes.

When you don't know anything but you are too proud to ask for answers.

How to overcome Spirit of Poverty

1. Withdraw yourself from your comfort zone and go out there to do anything that is legit to put food on your table, ask questions about things you don't know how to do, read books, ebooks on business ideas and skills development.

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2. Take responsibility for your mistakes and each time you try your hands on something and it failed, do not give up try again.

3. Do not be envious of others' progress, be happy for them and pray for God to lead you to success.

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