MTN Shares - 5 Things To Note As ordinary Nigerians take over MTN

MTN Shares - 5 Things To Note As ordinary Nigerians take over MTN


How to buy MTN share - It is no longer news that MTN is letting ordinary Nigerians take over MTN by offering 575 million ordinary shares to the general retail investing public at a price of N169 per share. What we are concerned about is the benefit of the offer to ordinary Nigerian investors. To own an MTN share, Interested Nigerians should check How To Buy MTN Nigeria 575M Ordinary Share For N169 Per Share

MTN's decision of letting ordinary Nigerians own shares will not only put MTN ahead of its competitors but will also empower Nigerians with employment.

In regards to the subject matter, we will be telling you 5 Things That Will Happen when ordinary Nigerians take over MTN. So read on!

1) MTN Nigeria will move ahead of its competitors

2) Nigerians will no longer want to see MTN fail because they are now co-owner

3) The MTN share will create employment for ordinary Nigerians and thereby reduce poverty.

4) Distraction of MTN facilities as a result of Zonophobia activity in South Africa will stop in Nigeria.

5) Ordinary MTN shareholders will refer more customers to MTN

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Benefits Of Buying MTN Shares

The benefit of buying MTN shares just like every other share is as follows:

a. You become Part-ownership of MTN.

b. Real-time dealing throughout the trading day with limited orders available when markets are closed.

c. Receive dividends either as income or re-invest to buy more shares.

d. Ability to vote on important MTN company decisions.

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  1. Ordinary Nigerians is a quite rude phrase, perhaps regular Nigerian citizens sounds a more appealing


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