Post Npower Programme - What Are Your Plans

Post Npower Programme - What Are Your Plans


In Today's latest Npower news - we will be discussing the topic "Post Npower programme - What Your Plans Should Be" so let get started.

As you all know, Npower is not a permanent job it is an empowerment programme initiated by the federal government to equip the Youths with skills and work experience needed to be employable or become entrepreneurs/business owners.

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It is no longer news that the Npower programme duration has been reduced from 2 years to 1 year to enable new applicants benefits every year.

The question is what are your plans post-Npower programmed, what will you be doing after you are disengaged to make way for fresh applicants?

In about seven months, the Npower batch C1 volunteers will be disengaged and as such, I believe none of you will prefer to go back to the street, that's why I created this post to give you an idea on how to avoid going back to the street after your graduation.

So let's talk about the Npower Non-graduate programme. If you are opportune to be selected for the Npower non-graduate programme like the tech, Agro, Build, and creative you are lucky because these are beneficiaries who are really been empowered.

My advice for you is after your 3 months of in-camp training, you should find time to build more on the skills you have acquired during your training. Read articles and watch videos that will expose you to things that you can do with the skills learned to make money.

For the Npower graduate programme beneficiaries, know that the programme is to help you get work experience so that when looking for other jobs you will have proof of work experience as that is among jobs criteria that employers ask while searching for workers.

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Do not say because you have gotten Npower you will not apply for other jobs. Try to find time to apply for other jobs and if it happens that you are lucky to land a dream job before the Npower programme end, request for voluntary exist to concentrate on your new job.

Finally, learn a new skill that will help you start a business but balance your schedule so that it won't affect your Npower duties.

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