Solutions To Npower Nexit Training Confirmation Code Errors

Solutions To Npower Nexit Training Confirmation Code Errors


We noticed that a lot of you have been complaining about getting error messages while trying to confirm your Nexit Training Status availability with the code *45665#. So we decided to create this post to share more light on how to possibly fix these error issues you are facing.

Before we begin, we will like to remind you that the Nexit management said the training is in batches. The first batch of Nexit training will commence in February 2022. So if you are not Shortlisted in the first batch you will be in the next batch.

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Below are How to fix Nexit Training Status availability check errors:

1) SP Service Time Out: When you get this response, it means you are taking too long to complete the checking process, or rather a server is taking too long to reply to a data request made from your device. What you need to do in this case is to make sure you complete the checking process within 1 minute or so.

2) When get DND list response: This means (do not disturb). So for some of you who are seeing this message, it means you have activated DND on your line before. If this occurs try to text ALLOW to 2442 to remove DND to enable you to receive messages.

3) Lost of Nexit Registered sim: It is advisable to use your registered nexit phone number to check your training status. However, if you lost the sim you used to register for Nexit Scheme, you can try to use another of your number registered in your name to confirm your Nexit Training Status availability by using BVN when you dial the code *45665#.

4) USSDC routing failed: If this occurs it might be network congestion. Try again by midnight and make sure that you have credit on your phone and that you are using a phone that is routing enable.

Note that the Humanitarian affairs Minister, Sadiya Umar Farouq earlier stated that out of the 500,000 Npower batch A and B exited beneficiaries, 390,000 were successfully accommodated into the Nexit Scheme while about 109,000 are already into entrepreneurship on their own before the Nexit programme started.

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