What Npower Nexit Training May Look Like

What Npower Nexit Training May Look Like


Based on how most of you Sign up during the NEXIT Registration and records update on the Nexit CBN Empowerment portal, you may already have an idea of how the training may be conducted.

Below is how some of you filled the Nexit from questions:

1) Do you have a job after exiting from the N-Power Programme?

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2) What type of job?
ANSWER: Self-employed

3) During the N-power programme, did you acquire a skill?
ANSWER: Some you said Yes, and some say No

4) Do you have an existing business?

5) Do you have any business ideas you intend to start?

6) Do you desire to own a business venture?

7) Do you need a loan for your business venture?

8) Would you like to participate in a digital and e-commerce skills acquisition training programme?

This is how some of you filled out the Nexit CBN Empowerment opportunity form during the registration period. And to what the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs said earlier, applicants will be trained in the area they selected. What we don't know at the moment is whether the training will be online or physical training.

Looking at what earlier happened where some selected youth were selected and trained on mobile money agent business and then offered Npower POS machine which you can read here Trained FMHDS Mobile Money Agents Gets Npower POS Machine. There's a possibility that mobile money agent training is among the Nexit Scheme training.

E-commerce training might equally be among the Nexit training. Recently FG in partner with Konga trained some Youths on the E-commerce business. Read it here Ministry of Youth, Konga Virtual E-Commerce Training

However, whatever the management is planning, we hope is going to be something that will sustain the beneficiaries in the long run.

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  1. On line training will be easy, God blessed you, sir/ma and beneficiaries, amen


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