How Npower Supplementary Selected Applicants Can Correct Mistakes On Nasims Profile

How Npower Supplementary Selected Applicants Can Correct Mistakes On Nasms Profile


Based on the questions that some of you who were recently Shortlisted for the Npower Supplement list has been asking regarding how to correct mistakes on your Nasims profile, we have decided to create this post to share more light on what you can do. So read on!

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Some of you claimed that your name on Nasims dashboard is mixed up and you needed to correct it, some of you also says that some documents uploaded on your profile are missing.

So based on the message showing on your verification status for those who are selected, you will know that the only way to make correction of any sort on your Nasims dashboard at the moment is to contact Nasims support team.

Nasims management said that if you feel you missed out on any important detail during the application phase, kindly send an email to our support team via [email protected] .

For some of you who can not login to your Nasims profile account because of forgotten password, you can contact the Npower Nasims call center agents or send an email to the email address above.

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Some of you are also complaining about the BVN Validity data not available on your profile. Note that this BVN Validity issue on your profile is a generally thing on applicants dashboard. If you become a beneficiary, you will be given access to correct it before you get paid

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  1. I was not sent a message, don't that mean my bank details are correct. ND am yet to receive any stipend oo

  2. There was a mixed up where my name was wrongly written And the picture did not appear on the space and there was no BVN

  3. I did my validation and yet to receive any alart


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