Latest Npower News For Today Saturday March 5th 2022

Latest Npower News For Today Saturday March 5th 2022


In today's latest Npower news for Saturday March 5th 2022 - We will be reviewing some activities about Npower that happened within the week that you might have missed. So keep reading!

Npower Discussion Group gathered that the NSIP independent monitoring team are going round the PPA of Npower batch C1 beneficiaries to take attendance. Inline with this, Npower beneficiaries are advised to be present all the time at their various PPA to avoid missing attendance.

It is advisable to erase the erroneous perception of NPower as a "national cake". The Npower volunteers should take the programme seriously as there is strict monitoring of the beneficiaries. You may also want to check What To Know About Npower Batch C Volunteers Monthly Clearance to avoid What Can Lead To A Npower Volunteer Disengagement After Deployment

The Npower management team has warned prospective Npower applicants to disregard the information about Npower batch D recruitment circulating online. According to the management, Npower is not recruiting at the moment. The Batch D recruitment is fake and should be ignored.

December stipend Payment of Npower batch C1 beneficiaries recommenced a few days ago and also the January Stipend payment process has been initiated. Read details here Today's Npower Batch C1 January And February Stipends Payment News

Beneficiaries having a failed stipends payment, should note that as stated before by Nasims, all failed payments will be sorted out and payment made to the affected Beneficiaries. If you have successfully received previous payment through the same account, you have nothing to worry about.

For the Npower Nexit Applicants asking for update, there is no latest update at the moment,. The last update given about Nexit was the warning given by Npower team regarding training Venue. Read details here Latest Npower Nexit Training News For Today Friday 25th February 2022

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