Why Nasims Can't Tell Npower January Stipend Exact Payment Date

Why Nasims Can't Tell Npower January Stipend Exact Payment Date -


In today's latest Npower news - Why Nasims Can't Tell Npower January Stipend Exact Payment Date. The Management of Npower Nasims via its social media channels have stated the reason why they Can't Tell the Npower January Exact Payment Date. Read details below!

Nasims Wrote:

Dear Npower Batch C1

Our attention has been drawn to repetitive enquiries from Batch C Beneficiaries regarding payment commencement of January stipends, and our clarity verged on the misconception.

As a matter of clarity, your January 2022 payment is currently being reviewed and is at the concluding stage. To that effect, payment will be initiated any time soon while all 2021 outstanding are gradually being sorted out. Moreso, the technical challenges we've been battling with are also a contributing factor to the payment irregularities.

For now we cant tell the exact commencement date for payment of January 2022 stipends, But we do know, you will be paid anytime soon.

Please be patient!
Thank you!

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As it is at the moment, Nasims has only paid 4 month stipends to the batch C1 Npower beneficiaries. Payment from September to December 2022 has been covered remaining January to February 2022 stipends payment.

The Npower batch C programme is expected to last for 12 months and so far, beneficiaries have spent 7 months in the Programme leaving them with 5 months to be exited like the Batches A-B except if the management decided to extend batch c tenure.

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  1. Is a pity, how can one attend PPA with this Iregularities in Payment of This little token, is unfair, and unfortunatel


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