How Npower Beneficiaries Can Make Smart Financial Decisions

How Npower Beneficiaries Can Make Smart Financial Decisions

In today's latest Npower news, we will be discussing How Npower Beneficiaries Can Make Smart Financial Decisions since managing stipends has become difficult and the most talked about issue by the Npower volunteers.

Npower discussion group noticed that a lot of you always talk about your inability to save due to the irregular stipends payment. So we have decided to create this post to give you idea on what to do to start making smart financial decisions at this stage to set you up for long term success.

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A lot of your colleagues especially the Batches A-B have made some not so good financial decisions in the past by not saving for the raining days, if you are one of such people, you are not alone. Today, you can still build your future by making smart decisions about your money.

Tips for making smart financial decisions:

1) Good money habits: Spend less than you earn.

2) Investments: Invest at least 15% of your income. I know that some of will say Npower stipends is too small to invest. Note that there are some things you invest on digitally with little or no capital.

3) Savings culture: Set up a monthly standing order to credit your savings account today.

4) Budgeting: Create a spending plan and budget and, stick to it.

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