How To Apply For BOA Agric And Non Agric Loans

How To Apply For BOA Agric And Non Agric Loans

In today's Npower discussion group Business loan New, we will be discussing How To Apply For Bank of Agriculture BOA Agric And Non Agric Loans. So keep reading!

Bank of Agriculture (BOA) Limited was incorporated as Nigerian Agricultural Bank (NAB) in 1972 and became operational in 1973. BOA mandate is as follows:

1) Provision of agricultural credit to Support all agricultural value chain activities. Provision of non-agricultural micro credit

2) Savings mobilization

3) Capacity development through promotion of co-operatives, agricultural information systems, and the provision of technical support and extension services.

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4) Provision of opportunities for selfemployment in the rural areas, thereby reducing rural-urban migration.

5) Inculcation of banking habits at the grass-roots of the Nigerian society.

How to apply for BOA Loans:

Kindly note that the BOA Online Loan Application is not yet ready for use. Customers or Users will be appropriately notified once the E-commerce/Banking portals are ready for use. As such, customers should go to the nearest BOA Branches for any form of transactions with the bank. Please beware of impostors.

You can Explore BOA Agric and Non Agric Loan Services for corporate and Individuals via this link https://www.boanig.com/loan-service

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