How To Restore Blank Nasims Portal Payroll Dashboard

How To Restore Blank Nasims Portal Payroll Dashboard

In today's latest Npower news, we will be showing you How To Restore Blank Nasims Portal Payroll Dashboard while accounts are still being credited.

Recall that massive disbursement of January payment was done on Thursday, 14/4/2022. As such if you are experiencing blank payroll dashboard which is hindering you to see your payment record, check the details below.

Blank Dashboard/Payroll:

To all Beneficiaries experiencing blank dashboard/payroll and have not been able to ascertain their status on www.nasims.gov.ng, kindly try any of these processes:

1) Log out and log in. OR

2) Clear your browser data. OR

3) Use a different browser to access.

4) Use chrome to access. Change the view from phone view to desktop view to access your dashboard at a glance.

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According to Nasims, all formal activities of the ministry and more disbursement resumes after the Easter public holiday. Kindly be patient and wait for your payment. Apologies for the delay.

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  1. Please sir/ma I have not been received my December stipends and January stipends please help me solve this issue

  2. Please ma/sir ma payroll is blank and I wasn't paid for 3 months


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