Today's Latest Npower News For Sunday 1st January 2023

Today's Latest Npower News For Sunday, 1st January 2023


In Today's Latest Npower News For Sunday, 1st January 2023, we will like to welcome all the Npower beneficiaries the exited and the serving ones a very happy new year 2023.

We all know that the year 2022 was a wrought ride for the Npower beneficiaries because some expectations were not met. That notwithstanding, we all survived and we are opportune to see the year 2023. Praise be to God!

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The year 2023 is perceived to be a critical year not only for Npower beneficiaries but for the entire Nigerians because it is a year that will determine the future of the Npower programme and also the future of Nigeria.

Some Npower beneficiaries who indicated an interest in serving as Adhoc staff for the 2023 and the NPC 2023 census if selected will be use engaged to participate in these special events that will shape the face of Nigeria.

As you all know, the Npower Programme is an empowerment programme initiated to upskill Nigerian youths with job experience and entrepreneurship skills. So participating in these other duties can serve as an added advantage to a beneficiary.

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Since there will be an election this year 2023 which will lead to a change of leadership, the future of the Npower programme will be determined by the new leadership. We believe that with the approval of the NSIP bill, there is hope for Npower Programme continuity.

Furthermore, as we step into this new year 2023, the management of the Npower programme will address the beneficiaries of the programme in due time on issues regarding stipends payment. So stay tuned

You are advised to stay informed via the Nasims self-service portal and the official Npower social media channels for authentic information about the Npower Programme.

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  1. We thanked Almighty Allah for his permission upon us to witness the new year 2023, may Allah grant us the positive changes in this year. Happy new year to all!!!

  2. For how many years now, still the same comment.
    Plz have mercy upon ur souls.

  3. What is the fate of us nbuild nongratuate we have not seen our allowance our monthly stipend

  4. Wishing u all the best but we are not payment on time


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