Two Important Events In 2023 That Will Change The Face Of Nigeria

Two Important Events In 2023 That Will Change The Face Of Nigeria


In today's Latest Npower discussion group News, we will be talking about Two Important Events In 2023 That Will Change The Face Of Nigeria. So keep reading!

With few days remaining to say goodbye to 2022 and as well ushered you into the year 2023, there will be some important events that will take place. Some of these events are as followed:

  1. The Nigeria 2023 General Election
  2. The Nigeria 2023 Census

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These events listed above are indeed very important to Nigeria as a Country because they will affect every aspect of the National activities, be economy, unity, job opportunities, poverty eradication, etc.

The Nigeria 2023 Census: Talking about the 2023 Census, will be Nigeria's first Digital Census and will change how the Census is being conducted in Nigeria before now. This approach started with the demarcation of enumeration areas covering the entire territorial space of Nigeria using a mobile handheld device and geographic information systems (GIS) and satellite imageries to create digital census maps.

Nigeria has not conducted a new census since 2006. And as such, the 2023 Nigeria census will be of great deal to Nigeria. A population and Housing Census (PHC) is of great relevance to the economic, political, and sociocultural planning of a country.

Reliable and detailed data on the size, structure, distribution, and socio-economic and demographic characteristics of a country's population is required for policy intervention and monitoring of development goals.

The Nigeria 2023 General Election: The 2023 Federal Republic of Nigeria General Election will be conducted in February 2023 and it will be one of the important elections held in Nigeria because of the current situation that Nigeria is facing.

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The people are yearning for change and they are demanding the conduct of a credible election which will be free and fair so that they can elect their preferred candidate without interference.

The 2023 Nigeria General Election will be conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was established by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to among other things organize elections for various political offices in the country.

You can visit the INEC 2023 General Election Schedule page to read more about the 2023 general election.

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