Today's Latest Npower News For Friday 30 June 2023

Today's Latest Npower News For Friday 30 June 2023

In Today's Latest Npower News For Friday 30 June 2023, we will be discussing the need why the Npower and other NSIP program should be used to cushion the effect of poverty in President Tinubu Administration now that 4 million more Nigerians has been pushed into poverty in the last 6 months in this year 2023.

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The Npower program and other NSIP program was used by Buhari Administration to reduce poverty. However, the beneficiaries of the Npower batch C have not been paid their 6 months allowances since the beginning of this year.

The World Bank has confirmed that about 4 million Nigerians have been pushed into poverty in 6 months and that there is a need to set up an intervention to cushion the hardship.

Though the immediate past Administration of President Buhari initiated the N-power and other National Social Intervention Programs to lift 100,000,000 Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years. That resulted in the passing of the NSIP bill that was approved by formal President Buhari. Read also Senate Passes President Buhari Npower/ NSIP Program Bill

Now is the time for the Administration of President Tinubu to upgrade these NSIP programs to lift more Nigerians from poverty and also involved the Npower program in his plan of creating 1 million jobs yearly in the digital economy which the Npower non-graduate program represents.

The payment of the Npower beneficiaries and other NSIP Programme beneficiaries needs to resume as soon as possible to cushion this hardship of subsidy removal.

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  1. Many youths are trying but let the new administration empower then in this program more, let them be paying monthly not after four month they drop one month is not helping at all.long live federal republic of Nigeria


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