Ways Npower Volunteers Can Earn From Digital Economy

Ways Npower Volunteers Can Earn From Digital Economy

In today's Latest Npower News, we will be discussing ways Npower Volunteers Can Earn From the Digital Economy by taking advantage of international digital jobs. So keep reading!

It is no longer news that the Federal Government have stated that they are committed to creating 1 million jobs in the digital economy. They have begun the process through the National Information Technology Development Agency NITDA by partnering with other agencies/companies to train Nigerian youth on digital skills.

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However, you know that when it comes to government opportunities, it is limited! Not everyone will have the opportunity to benefit.

In view of this, it is very important to know that you can learn all these digital skills free online if you miss out on the government digital skills training. How can this be possible?

Well if you are curious to know how to acquire digital skills for international jobs, then the post is for you. We will share a secret with you here today. And the secret is about using free online skill-learning tools to develop yourself ready to grab international job opportunities. So Let's go straight to the point!

Below we shared a link to platforms where you can learn a skill and where you can use the skills you learnt to work and get paid.

1. Go to Google skills learning portal https://grow.google/intl/uk and learn a Skill.

2. After acquiring a skill, go to https://www.upwork.com sign up and begin to submit a job proposal based on the skills you learnt.

Note that just like every other business, there must be a starting point and sometimes it might not be easy but it is rewarding in the end if you get it right. This can only be possible if you are consistent and dedicated.

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