How To Join FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program Virtual Training

How To Join FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program Virtual Training

The Virtual Training for selected candidates for the FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program has begun. The virtual training started yesterday the 27th of November 2023 as contained in the training invitation email.

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The virtual training invitation sent out to Selected candidates Read as follows:

Dear selected applicants

Congratulations once again on being selected for the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Programme!

The virtual training in the FGN X ALAT Skillnovation Programme for MSMEs starts today November 27, 2023.


a. Access to funding & grants 

b. Exposure to investors and partners

c. Access to a marketplace.

d. Mentorship & coaching from top professionals

Whether you're a tech expert, aspiring entrepreneur, job seeker, or a working professional, this is your opportunity to upscale your personal and business skills.

Only participants who successfully complete the program will have access to funding opportunities. Progressing to the next phase of the program is dependent on completing the previous stage, so make the most of every learning opportunity.

To access your dashboard, Click here and use your Username: email, and Password: Password

We look forward to a transformative learning experience with you!

Congratulations once again, and welcome to the FGNALAT Digital Skillnovation Programme!

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Please if you received the earlier shortlisted candidates' message. Check your email inbox and spam for the virtual training invitation containing the link to join the virtual training.

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  1. I received the message but find it difficult to complete the registration, their website is just down since yesterday.

  2. I have been trying to start a course since yesterday but site seem to be have issues

  3. I have been unable to register, the link is not opening.

  4. The portal to complete the registration is not open

  5. The site is having network issues.

  6. Good morning everyone I don't know what happened know network

  7. When I we going to start

  8. The link for FGN-ALAT is not opening

  9. Pls I'm not still able to open the link that supposed able me to do my update.

  10. I have a nertwork problems issues when signing in to my account. Plz is there any whatsapp group for this program


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