Owner of Nairaland Seun Apologize To Users On Forum Shutdown

Owner of Nairaland Seun Apologizes to Users On Forum Shutdown

Seun Osewa the owner of the largest forum in Nigeria Nairalandhas apologized to its users for the shutdown of the forum by its host company Cloudflare. Seun said Dear Nairaland members & advertisers, I'm very sorry for this unacceptable, ill-timed outage.

Our host took the server down as punishment for not responding to the abuse report on time. All we need is for a kind human to review the case and reverse the block. It is really a small issue that should have been resolved in less than 2 minutes.

My neglect of Nairaland is directly responsible, seun said. I was also unprepared to move to a new host at a moment's notice after 9 years with the current host.

The process Is ongoing but slow. Nairaland's server was taken down because I overlooked an abuse report that was originally sent on the 14th. After the takedown, I removed the offensive content.

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The UI for bringing back the server didn't work so it took hours to get support on how to get that done. Minutes after the forum was brought back, they took the server down again with no warning.

I'm guessing that the content I removed was still cached on Cloudflare servers, so they could still see it. I have cleared the caches now, but they are not communicating. I hope they will communicate tomorrow.

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