5 Million Citizens To Be Empower In Al And Cybersecurity In 3yrs - Minister

5 Million Citizens To Be Empower In Al And Cybersecurity In 3yrs - Minister

In a groundbreaking announcement, Dr. Doris Anite, the esteemed Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment, has unveiled Nigeria's strategic vision for the future. During a high-profile panel session at the World Economic Forum, Dr. Anite outlined an audacious plan to equip at least 5 million people with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Cybersecurity skills over the next 2-3 years.

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The initiative aims to bolster Nigeria's technological prowess, foster innovation, and enhance national security. Dr. Anite emphasized the critical role that Al and cybersecurity play in today’s interconnected world. She underscored the need for a skilled workforce capable of safeguarding digital infrastructure and harnessing the potential of Al to drive economic growth.

Our commitment to training 5 million individuals reflects our unwavering dedication to human capital development,’ declared Dr. Anite. “By empowering our citizens with these essential skills, we are securing our nation and positioning Nigeria as a global player in the digital revolution.”

The program will encompass comprehensive training modules, workshops, and certifications. Participants will gain expertise in areas such as machine learning, data analytics, ethical hacking, and threat detection. Dr. Anite stressed that inclusivity would be a cornerstone of the initiative, ensuring that women, youth, and marginalized communities have equal access to these transformative opportunities.

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The government's commitment to transparency and accountability in implementing this program is commendable. Citizens eagerly await further details on enrollment procedures, curriculum specifics, and partnerships with industry leaders.

Listen to the Minister's speech in the video below:

Nigeria's journey toward a digitally empowered society has just taken a momentous leap, and Dr. Doris Anite’s vision promises to shape the destiny of millions.

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