Benefits Of Being A 3MTT Fellow (Incentives And Prizes)

Benefits Of Being A 3MTT Fellow (Incentives And Prizes)

In today's Latest 3mtt program news, we will be discussing Benefits Of Being A 3MTT Fellow (Incentives And Prizes). So keep reading!

As a 3MTT Fellows, your decision to join the 3MTT Fellowship is just the first step on an incredible journey of growth and development. The 3MTT programme ensures access to paid world-class online learning platforms and applied learning clusters to support your learning journey.

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Here are some of the benefits of being a 3MTT Fellow:

1. A Access to World-Class Online Learning Platforms

2. A Learning support from Applied Learning Clusters

3. A Prizes from Knowledge Showcase, Innovation Challenge & Hackathons

4. A Placement Opportunities from Partners

5. Access to aggregated job & gig boards

6. A Weekly Webinars & Virtual Learning Activities

7. A Dedicated community managers

8. A Life-long access to 3MTT Learning Community & its benefits

3MTT management encourage all fellows to actively participate in its initiatives for maximum opportunities. Stay connected via 3mtt social media channels to get updates on activities and maximize the programme’s benefits.

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