See The Hilarious Respond From NPower To An Applicant Whose Mind Cant Rest Because List Is Yet To Be Released

NPower shared an update today been 10th of October, 2017 notify 2017 applicants that the preselected list for 2017 applicants has not been released.

They stated that applicants should stop dropping their Names randomly because some people are collection their information.

According to NPower , when the list is released, they will post it on their page first.

So in response to this post, an NPower applicant decided to pour out his feeling. See his comment and NPower respond on the image below:

The commenter said his heart can't rest, that NPower should tell them the the particular month they will released the list.

NPower Respond: Sir it's best you let your heart rest. Health is wealth.

The reason why we shared this, is to encourage you to have patient. So Please my fellow 2017 applicants let your heart rest. Anything that has beginning must surely have an end,  so let NPower do their work and release the list at the appropriate time.

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