What You Need To Do Before 16th October 2017 If You Have Payment Issues

As an Npower existing beneficiaries which of the following issue are you experiencing

This information is for 2016 beneficiaries

According to Npower if you are experiencing payment issues kindly identify which of these categories you fall into and rectify your issues before the 16th of October.

Npower said if they have told you your issue, please spend less time arguing and hurry to rectify the problem

There are some of you who cannot be paid backlog because your account can not take beyond a certain amount so backlog of a few months is returned.

You have to be persistent to ensure that your issue is dealt with at your bank. Address it now.

Npower payment status 2016 beneficiaries.

1.  There are currently 182,347 qualified volunteers.

2.  Only 173,046 volunteers are able to receive payments. For those unable to receive payments:

a. 5,520 qualified beneficiaries are with out account records on their NPVN profile.

b. 684 beneficiaries have "know your customer" issues between the volunteer and bank i.e expired lDs, account dormancy, recently closed accounts, transactions are not permitted.

c.  2,656 qualified beneficiaries with BVN unlinked to provide account numbers.

d. 190 qualified beneficiaries have invalid account numbers/ invalid BVN.

e. 107 qualified beneficiaries have names mismatch issues.

If you are having payment issue, you will be given till the 16th of October, 2017 to sort it out at your ends please take this seriously.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Haven't gone through the write-up, I fall under 2c category as stated above, a figure in my BVN was changed but after much calls and emails to the N-power support team the issue has been resolved the changed number corrected, this was done over a month now and since then am yet to start receiving my stipend. I have also not done device selection. I don't know how this platform can be of help to me. Please assistance is highly needed. Thank you all for your anticipated assistance. God bless.


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