Safeguarding Measures For Proper Handling Of N-POWER Device Against Thieves (Article Written By A Volunteer)

Written By: Turaki Muhammad Katagum

Dear fellow volunteers, I noticed that, The rampant cases of stealing of our NPOWER colleagues devices is alarming across the country, Here are some simple tricks I intended to share with you for keeping your devices safe against the heartless thieves:

1. Make sure your view, copy and keep your Device IMEI number safe, For urgent needs when arise.
2. Don't be careless with your device anywhere, some are looking for your mistake to take advantage of it.
3. Don't be making proud about nobody can steal your device, Some thieves are wizard in stealing, they can steal you and your device together as as as
4. Don't lend or borrow your device to the people you don't trust.
5. Close your doors, when going for birth.
7. Take an extra careful with your device in any public Gathering and crowd.
8. Don't make mistake of moving with your device openly in Thugs, Handlooms and area boys sites in the city.
9. Don't show anybody where you are keeping your device, when absent.
10. Don't be plugging charge in anywhere that you are not ok with.
11. Pray God for the protection against evil-minded people we know and those we don't know.

NOTE THAT: It is not longer private, Most of people around you knows that you are given devices worth of 80K For free. Many will congratulate you, but they are not all that wholeheardly mean it. We need to be careful.

Thanks for reading.

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