Governor Elrufai Talks About Buhari NSIP Programme - Video

Kaduna State Governor Nasir Elrufai Talks About President Buhari N-SIP Programme. Kindly watch and listen to Governor Nasir Elrufai on the National Social Investment Programme of President Muhammadu Buhari below:

Elrufai also talked about how N-power programme has impacted young Nigerians graduates. He said, thousands of young graduate are part of the Npower Programme in my State, 30,000 are teaching in schools, working in health centers and assisting farmers and this 30,000 is just in Kaduna State. Look at how many people will get that opportunity in 36 State.

It's everyone that has the equal chance to participate, it is not just the children of Ministers, Senators and Governors, everyone has a chance. This is the only government in Nigeria history that has consciously thought of doing something for the poor.

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