New Ministry To Pay NPower October - November Stipends By December First Week

According to the information reaching us, new Ministry may pay N-Power October and November Stipends by first week of December. N-Power volunteers can now heave a sigh of relief as news of commencement of payment of October and November stipends just got to us from an insider in the new ministry who prefers to remain anonymous.

The source also adds that the new ministry had worked tirelessly to conclude data reconciliation which was the cause for stipends delay. Volunteers are therefore advised to remain optimistic as commencement of payment of stipends will begin from next week.

As at the time of this report, it was not stated clearly whether volunteers will receive both October and November stipend at once but from experience, both payment may come within hours or a day interval.

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N-Power volunteers today's date is 60th October 2019 in N-Power payment calendar, this is how they volunteers usually calculate the date when there are delay in payment of their stipends. The social media has been buzzing with questions as of when N-Power will effect October payment. In the event of this delay some volunteers proposed to go on strike and others stage a peaceful protest on twitter with hashtags to alert the FG to effect the payment. Finally, some good news are now out and we hope that this time will be successful.

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