Fmardpace News - Selection Of Enumerators For Dry Season farming

On today's Fmardpace latest news, Enumerators are advised to kindly note that the Platform Partners will contact only Enumerators they have selected to work with for the Dry Season Farming Support under the AFJP.

The Fmardpace Enumerators are also advised to please note that Enumerators Selection for Dry Season Farming Support will be based on location and count of valid surveys submitted.

Under the Fmardpace AFJP dry season farming Programs, Eligible AFJP Farmers will get zero Percent Loan. Here are Six Things You Need To Know About AFJP Dry Season Farming Support.

FMARD PACE Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) is the FGN’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic aimed at increasing locally grown food supply and job creation.

In view of the level of insecurity in some parts of the country this past week, Fmardpace has advised all enumerators to stay safe and informed, keep calm and let your loved ones know your whereabouts.

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