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On today's latest Npower news, the Prospective Npower Nexit Beneficiaries released a new statement, stating that they will be Occupying Nigerian Street On Match 8 to demand quick implementation of their exit package.

According to the latest discussion circulating on the Volunteers various discussion forum, protests will continue until their demands are met. They said we will not succumb to their delaying tactics which have left us redundant for over six months now. We will remain on the streets until FG met our demands. Read also Eligible AFJP Farmers To Get Zero Percent Loan - FMARDPACE

They went further to list their demand as follows:

1. Confirm those selected for a job with appointment letters.

2. Disburse funds to those selected for loans.

According to them, Nexit portal registration can never take up to 3 months for only registration if not for the Government's tricks to keep delaying the destinies of Nigerian youths. We are determined to fight for our futures, Nigeria is our country, we deserve the best in our fatherland.

They said why will registration of 500,000 beneficiaries take more than 3months for only registration, while online registration for 3,000,000 Nigerians can possibly take 3 weeks. Read also Five Things To Know About Nexit Loan

As a result of the above, the volunteers have called on all the batch A&B beneficiaries and the proposed batch C to unanimously hit the Nigerian streets on the 8th March 2021 Nationwide 10,000,000, man, ceaseless protest while we continue with the ongoing Abuja protest. We call on beneficiaries in Abuja proximity states to join us in the ongoing protest in Abuja. They added.

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  1. Please help me to log in to my email and password

  2. God knows what is best for every individual. Whether the Minister realises that she will leave that office one day or not, the reality is she will. Whether Mr President realises that his starting good work is being rubbished by these
    People he has so much trust in or not, he will soon know how much suffering his silence has caused the innocent youths in this country.


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