2021 Holiday Season - How Npower Volunteers Are Getting Ready

In today's latest Npower news we will be discussing how Npower volunteers are getting ready for the 2021 holiday season. So read on!


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What is the holiday season?

The holiday season is a period of days or weeks in which two or more annual observances occur. they are periods between November through January when several holidays such as Christmas, new year celebrations happen.

2021 Holiday Season - How Npower Volunteers Are Getting Ready

During this period, there is usually some sort of feeling in the life of a Npower volunteer. This year 2021 holiday season is a period of expectation, learning of new skills, door opening opportunities, and hopefully fulfillment.

As others across the world celebrate Halloween on the 31st of November 2021, some Npower volunteers are camping for skill acquisition while others are looking forward to their first stipend payment of the year.

What this entails is that this year's holiday season will be a sweet feeling and a memorable one for the batch c Npower volunteers as they begin their journey as Npower beneficiaries.

While the exited batches A and B might think otherwise, all hope is not lost yet as the holiday season might also be the period to celebrate their exit package as that is the period stated by the minister for nexit training.

Nonetheless, as you look into what the month of November through the month of January brings to you as an existing or exited Npower volunteer, you should know that life is all about planning.

Use this holiday season if you are a Non-graduate Npower volunteer to ponder on what you will do with the new skill you are been trained for. And for you as a graduate volunteer, this period is a period to start thinking of savings, and life after Npower programming.

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We can not conclude this post without mentioning the Npower batches A and B. And to advise you to use this period to generate ideas that will Unveil the creativity in you so that you can become more productive in your businesses as you wait patiently for the nexit package.

Happy holiday season!!

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