Npower Nexit Opportunities News Today 19 November 2021

Npower Nexit Opportunities News Today 19 November 2021


In today's latest Npower news - we will be talking about Npower Nexit Opportunities and what applicants are asking Today 19 November 2021. So read on!

As we are getting ready to round up the year 2021 with a month and some weeks left to a new year, the Exited Npower batches A and B questions on Nexit Programme is trending again.

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Most of the Npower exited beneficiaries are now saying that they have been used and dump because the transitioning to the new FG empowerment opportunity promised earlier this year was not fulfilled.

However, reactions from some of the discussion platforms of the applicants shows that most of the batch A and B Npower beneficiaries are still hoping to hear good news from the Nexit Scheme management regarding the next stage of the Programme.

The questions that is popping up in the minds of the nexit applicants from what we see in most of their Communities are:

1) Has FG Forgotten their promise on Nexit Programme for Exited Npower beneficiaries?

2) Is it true that Nexit Scheme has been cancelled?

3) What happened to the October Nexit commencement date disclosed by the Minister?

4) When is Nexit Training commencing?

These and more are questions that the nexit applicants has been asking that needs and urgent answer from the Nexit management.

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The Nexit Programme was supposed to move the disengaged Npower beneficiaries into an empowerment opportunity that will make them become self-sufficient and gainfully employed as business owners.

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