See Who Is In Charge Of GEEP Loan, Survival Fund Execution

See Who Is In Charge Of GEEP Loan, Survival Fund Execution


The Growth Platform is In Charge Of GEEP Loan, and survival Fund Execution - Are you a beneficiary of GEEP Loan or a prospective Geep loan applicant who is following TraderMoni activities on Facebook but suddenly found out that you no longer get update from TraderMoni page as you used to? If yes then we are pleased to inform you that TraderMoni page on Facebook has been adopted by the growth platform.

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>What is Growth Platform?

The Growth Platform is a nationwide infrastructure executed by the Bank of Industry (BOI), employing technology, big data, and an extensive field agent network to deliver end-to-end design and execution of programs targeted at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for governments, international organizations and private sector entities.

Over the past 5 years, the Bank of Industry's Growth Platform has executed interventions targeted at MSMEs. They have leveraged emerging technologies, agent networks, and financial tools to unlock the productivity of small businesses.

Thus far, they have impacted the lives of over four million beneficiary businesses through these programs: @nig_cares, @geep_ng, @survivalfund_ng, #NERF, #NAWEF, and #SEEP.

The Growth Platform has been used to disburse funds to small businesses worth $472 million till date. We are on an ambitious journey to change lives and support business enterprises across Africa and beyond.

For more information, visit Growth Platform website

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