Today's Latest Npower Stipends Payment News - Sunday April 16th 2023

Today's Latest Npower Stipends Payment News - Sunday April 16th 2023

In Today's Latest Npower Stipends Payment News for Sunday April 16th 2023, the management of Npower Nasims has congratulated all Non-graduate Beneficiaries via its social media channels stating that Payment has no commencement date, but beneficiaries should remain expectant for payment anytime.

Recall that the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development formally ended the training of 3,300 Npower non-graduate beneficiaries in Hardware, Software, Animation, script writing and other life skills under the N-Knowledge programme a few weeks ago. The beneficiaries have been in residential training since February 2023.

Furthermore, as regards to Npower Bach C, Nasims said following the enquiries from some Beneficiaries regarding payment commencement date of backlogs, we stand to state unequivocally, that our technical partners are still working on the payment to ensure seamless transaction.

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As it is, no date yet. However, the validation link is still very much accessible and functional. Utilize this great opportunity while it last, Nasims said.

For those of you who might have missed the update we shared a few days ago about January, February, and March Stipends Payment, kindly read it here Npower 2023 January, February And March Stipends Payment News

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  1. How do i apply to be part of this npower beneficiary?

  2. this is totally inhuman and it doesn't codified the purpose which this programme been initiated for.

  3. This is so dishearting if payments won't commence pls kindly tell us than just using 1 excuse for over some months now.we did all the festivals without payments,atlist pay backlogs first how can others receive payments and others won't something that has never happened before this is a act of cheating


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