Top 3 Ways Npower Programme Improved Volunteers


In today's latest Npower news - we will be talking about the Top 3 Ways Npower Programme has Improved its Volunteers. So sit back relax and read the discussion below:

1) Skills Development:
The Npower Programme has helped volunteers discover new ways of doing things. The Programme has paved ways, career paths for Beneficiaries by helping them acquire skills.

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2) Networking:
The Npower Programme has helped the vibrant Nigerian Youths connect on a different level. It has unified the youth across the country, from the south to the Northern part of Nigeria. The Npower Programme is the only programme that has linked the Youths together to serve one purpose.

3) Work experience:
The Programme has helped its volunteers upgrade their portfolio by engaging them as teachers, tax officers, Agriculture and health extension workers thereby providing them with the job experience that they might not get ordinary without the Programme.

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If you are reading the post and was a beneficiary of Npower, please tell us via the comment section how the Npower programme has improved you.

Under the Batches A and B N-Power Programme, over 500,000 unemployed youths have been given income-generating opportunities. The Batch C of the N-Power Programme is also set to kick off across the nation.

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